Your WCB Online account

WCB Online is the easiest, most secure way for you to connect with WCB. Use WCB Online to:

  • Complete forms and reports

  • Submit invoices

  • Communicate securely with WCB

  • Support plans to help workers on their return-to-work journey

All tiered service providers must use WCB Online to complete forms and invoicing.

Create your WCB Online profile

WCB sends all service providers an email containing sign-in credentials for an account administrator. The account administrator is the person in the clinic responsible for creating and managing all of the WCB Online account activities for that location. All clinics must have at least one person at the account administrator level.

Once you have received your credentials:

  1. Go to

  2. Select Service Provider Login

  3. Enter the username and password from the email

Admin and clinic member access

Account administrators can:

  • View the clinic’s contact details

  • View which clinic practitioners are active or inactive

  • Create, deactivate, reactivate, and edit clinic member profiles

  • Access invoices and payments for the clinic

  • View all online message exchanges between WCB and the clinic’s service providers (for monitoring purposes)

WCB can create a backup or additional account administrator contact, or change the individual designated as an account administrator for a clinic, upon request.

Active and inactive members

Active users are able to log into WCB Online by default. If a clinic practitioner leaves the clinic, or if you do not want them to have access to WCB Online, the account administrator can disable the access by unchecking the Active box.

Active users can also access the Invoice & Payment pages. It is the account administrator’s responsibility to decide who will be given invoicing and payment privileges.

Add a new member

Only the account administrator can add new members.

To add a new member:

  • Select Add New Member on the Admin page

  • Fill out all the required fields in the window that opens

  • Determine whether this new member will have Invoice & Payment privileges


To end a member’s profile:

  • Select Edit in the profile column for that member

  • Change the relevant fields on the member profile page that comes up

  • Select Save Member, or Cancel

Error message? Ensure all required fields are filled in, otherwise, you will receive an error message and the information cannot be saved.