About claims

Under the Claims tab, you will find all your claims-related information. You can choose to see all claims associated with your account, or just under one specific policy.

You can:

  • Find information about a specific claim under Find a Claim

  • View all claims for a given month under Claims Opened

  • View all claims paid for in a given month under Claims Paid

  • Download your claims data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (this feature replaces the Advice Notice WCB used to send to clients)

Download your claims data

You can download all your claims data to a spreadsheet and modify it for your own purposes.

Follow these steps:

  1. Choose Claims Data Download

  2. Select whether you want to download all the information for your account, or for one policy under your account

  3. Select the date range. You can choose all years with registered claims or a specific range.

  4. The next field gives you the option to download claims based on injury type. If that level of information is useful for you, use the drop-down menus to select Part of the Body, Event or Exposure, Source of Injury, or Claims Category. To view all data, leave the drop-down menus in their default setting and select Next.

  5. Choose all the information you want in the report, such as employees’ names, date of injury, etc

  6. Select Download and your claims report will open in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You may be prompted to Save or Open the file, depending on your browser.

No Data to Display Message? Close the box and change the options.

Want to modify the report you download? Use Previous and Next to go back to the fields you want to change, re-enter your choices, and download the report again.

For more information watch this video.

Generate an Advice Notice report

You can use the Claims Data Download tool in MyAccount to generate an Advice Notice report.

1. Select the month or date range you want to see
2. Choose whether you want to see individual payments or a summary
3. Select the Policy level filter and leave all others on that page blank
4. On the next page, select to filter by:

• Name
• Payment date
• Payment amount
• Payment description

5. Select download and follow the prompt to Save or Open the file

The contents will open as a Microsoft Excel document. If no claim information matches the criteria you selected, you will see a “No data to display” box. Select Close and change your options to get results.