What is MyAccount

MyAccount gives you 24/7 access to all your business account information as well as real-time information on related workers’ compensation claims and more.

Use MyAccount to

  • Send and receive documents using secure messaging

  • Get automatic payment reminders

  • Submit an injury report

  • Submit other forms and reports

  • Check clearance status for your business and your subcontractors

  • Manage subcontractors

  • View rate information

  • View monthly Statements of Account and reported payroll

  • Monitor claim status and costs in real time, and manage claims more efficiently

  • View newly registered claims and specific information

  • View and calculate the costs of injuries on your business and compare your experience to your industry

  • Identify claims with outstanding injury reports

  • Monitor appeals

  • View inspection reports, compliance orders and other Occupational Health & Safety documents

We’ve created two webinars to guide users through MyAccount.

Accounts and policies

As an employer, you will have one main account with WCB. Your account is identified by your business number and includes your main business contact information and all related standard industry classification (SIC) codes.

You may have one or more policies under your account, depending on how many subsets you have in your business.

Your policy includes details of the coverage for that subset, the calculated rate, remittance frequency, term limits (if applicable), legal status, and organization type.

For example: XYZ Foods operates grocery stores, gas stations, and convenience stores. XYZ Foods would have a WCB account, and each of those subsets would have a policy.


To register as a new MyAccount user, you will need a temporary account registration code.

If you have opened a WCB account within the last few weeks, your code can be found in your welcome package and contains a series of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. This code should be used by the employee you wish to be the administrator for your MyAccount account. Once logged in, you will be able to provide access for additional employees.

Note that the code is only good for 30 days.

To reset or obtain a new registration code, call 1-800-870-3331. You will be asked to provide your Business Number (BN).

Log in

  1. Go to my-account.ns.ca or wcb.ns.ca

  2. Select the login button for employers

  3. Enter your username and password

  4. Select login

  5. If you have more than one policy, select the one you wish to access from the dropdown menu

Manage user access

MyAccount allows you to decide what level of access and functionality other individuals can have based on their role:

Account or Policy Administrator can access all information, perform all functions, and create, modify, and delete other users on the account or policy.

Assessment Only can access, create, and submit assessment-related information.

Injury Report Submission can create and submit injury reports and worker earnings forms, and view all that they have submitted within a policy.


Full Access is similar to an administrator role, but cannot create, modify, or delete other users.

Claims Only can access, create, and submit return-to-work and claims management information.

Contractor can search and manage contractor list.

Injury Report Create can create injury reports, but not submit them, and view all that they have created or submitted within a policy.

Claim-related documents

All claim-related letters in a policy (such as decision or claim open letters) will be available to the following:

Profiles that CAN access claim-related letters (for all claims in a policy)

• Account or Policy Administrator
• Full Access
• Claims Only

Profiles that CANNOT access claim-related letters

• Injury Report Create
• Injury Report Submission
• Assessment Only
• Contractor

It is up to the Account or Policy Administrator to ensure the correct levels of access are granted or restricted to users.

If you are unsure as to what information your employee should have access to, we recommend you consult your company’s privacy or security officer or a member of your HR team.

Setting user access

The person with administrator access can add new users as well as set, change, or delete the access level of other others.

Add a new user:

  • Select Manage User Access from the top left corner

  • Select Create User

  • Enter the name and contact details for the person being added

  • Select the Policy the new user may access

  • Select the Access Level from the dropdown menu

  • Add additional Policies, if required

  • Select Next

 The new user will receive an email prompting them to log in and create a new password.

 Change a user’s access:

  • Select Manage User Access from the top left corner

  • A list of all persons with user access will come up. Select the edit button next to the person whose access you wish to change.

  • A new page will come up. Select Edit Contact to modify their access level.

  • Select Update Access when you are finished

 Delete a user:

  • Select Manage User Access from the top left corner

  • A list of all persons with user access will come up. Select the trash can button next to the person whose access you wish to delete.

  • Select Update when you are finished

 Automatic Email Notifications

Update June 26: As we adjust to our new system, notifications will be set to ‘off’ initially so that we can ensure only notification messages are sent to users who need to see them.  We will work to keep you informed by phone or other methods, if necessary, until notifications become functional.

MyAccount sends automatic email notifications on the topics listed below. This chart shows you

  • What the email notification is for

  • Which security roles in your organization will receive it

  • Whether you can opt out of receiving it