Secure messaging

Secure messaging is the best way for you to share confidential and sensitive information with WCB. You can use secure messaging to:

  • Ask us questions and get answers (if your question is about a specific claim, include the claim number)

  • Send us files

  • Receive information from us

  • Keep a record of your communications with us 

All secure messages that are linked to a claim number, including their attachments, become a permanent part of the claim file.

Send a secure message

  1. Select New Secure Message on your WCB Online account tab bar

  2. Select a topic from the dropdown menu to ensure your message is routed to the correct department or person at WCB:

    • Outstanding invoices

    • Reconcile billing

    • Contracts/compliance

    • Approval status

    • Case management

    • Appointment scheduling

    • Other

  3. Fill in all relevant fields

  4. You can include one or more attachments (maximum size 10 megabytes total) with your secure message. To attach a file, select the Browse button, choose the file to be attached and select Open. Repeat this until all files are attached.

  5. Select Send.

    Error message? Check to see if the attachment(s) exceed the maximum allowable size. You may need to send the attachments in separate secure messages.

Receive a secure message

You will get an email notification when you receive a secure message from us. The email will contain a link to your WCB Online login page. Sign in, and you will be taken directly to the most recent secure message.

You can also access your secure messages through the notification bell on your WCB Online page. When you have a new message, the bell will show a yellow circle displaying the number of unread messages. Select View Details to open the message.

The messages page shows you all the messages you have sent and received, including unread messages.

Reply to a secure message

Type in the message field of any opened message. Your message cannot be longer than 10,000 characters.

Note: Check the message status if you are having trouble replying to a message. You cannot reply to a message with a status of Closed.

Note: If you copy and paste text into the message field, your message may contain characters that cause an error and prevent it from being sent. Type your message instead of cutting and pasting.

Account administrators and practitioners

As an added security feature, account administrators can view all secure message exchanges between WCB and their clinic practitioners. Select My Messages to see messages you sent or received; select All Messages to see all messages sent from or received by every practitioner in the clinic.

Clinic practitioners are able to view only their messages.